Shame on?

Have you shared your Dog’s dark secrets yet?  Have you revealed their sin(s) for the entire world to see?

I caught an interesting news story from WTOP a news radio station from Washington DC about Dog Shaming.  I’ll admit they are kind of funning and amusing, and I’ll go ahead and assume that the actions they are being labeled with are most likely true.


But I mean come on let’s make this is a fair fight, it’s not like the dogs can really defend their behavior can they?

And what if the roles were reversed.  I can see it now, a picture of you seated on the couch watching tv, your dog has spelled out in dog food, “I only walk the dog once a week” or “I farted and blamed it on the dog.”

We increasingly find ourselves in a culture that loves to seize on those who do something wrong.  People who do wrong things quickly become whipping posts for the wider public to line up, weigh in, and have their say.

At moments like this I’m reminded of the encounter between Jesus and the Pharisees when they brought a woman who had been caught in an act of adultery and wanted to see her stoned.  Jesus’ words remind us that none of us have lived unblemished lives and that we all have things in our lives that we are ashamed of.

Now we are called to be accountable and hold each other accountable for the things we say and do, but perhaps we all might benefit one another if we acted with a bit more grace before we tee off on each others transgressions.

As for the dogs, we’re cool.  But I’d really appreciate it if you could try to cut down on the number of times you’d like to stick your nose in my business.  Thanks.

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