YouTube Theologians

Over the course of the last couple weeks we have spent a lot of time talking and reflecting about the way religion and media relate and interact to each other.  Especially over the course of the last week, we’ve spent a bit of time looking at various religious clips that have been generated through websites like YouTube.

Earlier this year one of these clips went viral.  Through the view count and conversations this clip started it even gathered the attention of major media outlets.  NPR published an interesting article discussing the role of media making tools and Christianity.  In the article David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group had this to say,

“Anyone could be a theologian as long as you’re persuasive, able to create a great Internet video, and the luck of the draw that your video gets selected out of the thousands that are uploaded,”

This gave me pause, not that I don’t think that we all have the capability and capacity to be theologians, but I thought is the theology that could become the most viewed or talked about, the best theology that Christianity has to offer the world?

What internet videos or clips that have talked about faith/religion/spirituality have been particularly meaningful for you?  Share your clips in the comment section below, and feel free to talk about what made it memorable for you.   


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One Response to YouTube Theologians

  1. Maybe it’s not the best, but is there anything that would be considered “the best”? It’s just another vehicle to preach and teach and pass on the faith. Like any other vehicle, it takes an experienced driver (theologian – specialist in theology). And in order to become an experienced driver you must study and practice (theology – study of God). If a short YouTube video can be posted and watched by a generation with a short attention span and it makes a difference or has them searching for more, then I believe it can reach a demographic that will not walk through the church doors, but are looking for meaning and direction in life.

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